A seed isn’t the same as a seedling. There’s been a transition. There was pressure and a bit of crushing. In the end, it sprouted, its head springing from the dust. It was buried so it could live.
Yesterday was once today but today is another day. The days may seem similar but none is exactly like the other. A step taken today makes a difference from the step taken yesterday. A difference of a second is still a difference.

Progress isn’t always rapid. Progress may be slow, arduous and frustrating. A step at a time, a day at time and a word at a time. It may take time, it may tarry but it’s still progress and it matters, it counts and of significance. Be kind to yourself, be considerate to yourself and give yourself a chance. Breathe.

Perhaps in our uncertainties, we’re still learning and growing. Perhaps in the glitches, there’s still change taking place.
Perhaps in our anxieties and brokenness and in what we may call the ugly situations, there’s still beauty lurking somewhere. There’s beauty around and it’s beautiful how far you’ve come through it all.

This is my gratitude. After every inspiration I’ve received, this is my gratitude. I’m grateful for the lessons, for the people around, grateful for the people I’ve met, grateful for the things that gave me joy and sorrow. I’m grateful for you and most importantly I’m grateful to God. This has been possible because of His love.